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09.17 2018

2018/9/17-Prepaid phone function delete page updates

Dear players:

Thanks to the Suggestions given by the players, we will continue to put those valuable feedback into practice.

This update is as follows:

1.Store recharge entrance closed;

2.Dating gameplay update;

3.The immediate completion function of each system is deleted;

4.The maximum number of tasks, work and study is removed, and the time is shortened;

5.Add skip function in “New Game +” video;

6.Recall video play bug optimization;

7.Recreation hall increases gem output;

8.Entertainment room guide optimization;

9.Beginner guide optimization;

10.The help feature is optimized and updated;

11.The job system's "network editor" and the "fitness instructor" logo were corrected;

12.A clothing store in the block, changes Zhong Chen display position with Ren Yanqi;

13.The number of neighborhood calls went up;

14.Xia Mei favorite dance is updated as "national dance";

15.Add 24 new achievements.

More optimization.Stay tuned for community news.Any new information.We will all be making announcements in the community.

I wish you all a happy life!


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