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09.08 2018

2018/9/8- New Game +

Dear players:

Thank you all for your valuable advice. We will actively listen to it and put it 

into practice one by one.

In addition, we have put the Suggestions on the store and Lin Ranran DLC on the 

schedule of optimization and will make changes in the next big update.

Today's update reads as follows:

1.New Game + Update;

2.Chapter 89 external collection video can not be unlocked problem 

optimization,Before the update, the first pass greater than 89 chapters of the 

player, can directly unlock the collection video;

3.Study time is lowered and the upper limit of study frequency is removed;

4.Calling stuck bug optimization;

5.Block Ye xinya role event bug optimization;

6.Block Lin ranran role event bug optimization;

7.Add Ye Xinya teachers clothes;

8.Add Ye Xinya teachers clothing achievement;

9.Players who land on sept 10 can get Ye Xinya teacher's costume "gravity" for 

free and unlock achievements;

10.Video of Xia Mei and Lin Ranran collection will be reopened, and DLC will be 

put on the shelf with 20% off respectively;

11.Video continues to play function optimization;

12.Screen swipe debugging optimization.

More optimization.Stay tuned for community news.Any new information.We will all 

be making announcements in the community.

I wish you all a happy life!


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