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08.27 2018

About everybody attention, we will actively adopt optimization

Dear players

Happy Together is on sale today.Thank you for your support and we have received some valuable Suggestions.

The game itself is ported from mobile to PC,and we're new to Steam.So there are some important questions that come up.

Our team attaches great importance to the Suggestions put forward by everyone.

And according to everybody's suggestion carries on the gradual optimization,I hope the players understand.

Optimized content today:

1.Remove the game monthly card, members and other content, this month has bought the player does not affect the use

2.Remove check-in

3.Remove the barrage function from video

4.Lower skin purchase price,Players who have purchased skins,We'll make it up to you in full,The skin that the player has gained remains.

More optimization.Stay tuned for community news.Any new information.We will all be making announcements in the community..

I wish you all a happy life!


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